Body repair

Bought another truck with no engine for the frame. The white trucks frame was bent 2 inches back.
Cleaning up the frame and installing the engine from the white truck.
Donor truck in the front. The interior of the cab was destroyed by the previous owner. Was a better cab but too much work to put it back together. So off with its head.
Super messy back yard.. But hey its 2 trucks worth of parts.. Anyhow my redneck cab lift consisted of 2 8×8 wooden beams on deck chairs. Yup really janky.
Good cab dropped into place. Now for the core support repair.
Core support from black donor truck.
I didn’t get any pictures of the grafting process but you get the point.
This is a Buick Lacrosse owned by my friend . He didn’t care what the looks were he just needed it back on the road for daily driving to and from work.
Replaced lower control arm and inner and outer tie rods. Got the wheel back in its place.
Replaced rear I think its called strut bar. Got the rear back in place. The rest is just body panels and getting them to line back up.
Could not source new body parts so back to the junkyard I go. Nobody had a hood so he was fine with the hood as it was. OK your car not mine.
Dark blue bumper very cool. He also was not worried about painting them. Even better.
He busted 2 hubcaps in the wreck so sourcing new ones is on him. He ended up driving this car for 4 more years before blowing up the engine. He also wrecked it 2 more times. But not as bad with the damage.