Engine swaps

There have been quite a few engine swaps these are 2 of the ones I can actually find pictures of. I know I have more and one day may get them updated here.

Just love this picture..
Removing the slug 4.8 and installing an all aluminum 5.7 Corvette engine with Holley Sniper EFI instead of the Corvette ecu and harness.
Here is the first ebay engine which was bad and had 0 oil pressure.
This was the second engine. All stripped down and getting ready to be converted to Sniper EFI.
Corvette guts all over my yard.. Ewwww
Prepping the intake for its new home.
Engine plastics need to be modified for the throttle linkage and kick down cable.
Cut the line and all is well.
Install complete. Finding the air cleaner was cool. Kind of fit right between the engine plastics.
Dodge Ram 5.2 to 5.9 engine swap first start. Ticks until it pumps up the lifters.
Removal of a 305 to install a 355.
Engine installed and almost ready to be picked up.
Pulled this engine out of my neighbors truck. He purchased another engine. I took this one for the work performed. It had a bent and stuck valve. I took the heads to my friends machine shop and had them repaired.